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Travel Card (TCard)

The Travel Card (TCard) is an official University of Utah credit card issued in an employee’s name, similar to the Purchasing Card (PCard). The employee to whom the card is issued is responsible for all purchases made with the card. The purchases must be made by the employee, who is on (or arranging) an official university business trip and be made in accordance with all applicable university and other regulations, policies, rules, and procedures.

The contract for the Travel Card is held with JP Morgan Chase Bank. We reserve the right to close Travel Cards. Unauthorized or improper use of the Travel Card will result in card cancellation or possible cardholder disciplinary action, up to and including employee suspension or termination.

Travel Card Use

The card can only be used for travel-related expenses. For university employees, travel is defined as 100 miles or more from campus and/or overnight.
Expenses will typically be lodging, airfare and baggage fees, vehicle rentals, ground transportation, conference registration fees, and other hotel-related expenses.

Cardholders are not allowed to send their cards with another traveler.

You cannot purchase gift cards with the TCard.

Reconciling Travel Card Purchases

Employees must be trained on and have access to the Concur travel system in order to have a Travel Card.

Apply for a Travel Card

Once you have read all of the information on this page:

  1. Make sure you have access to Concur. If you do not have access to Concur, training is available here.
  2. Review and sign the University of Utah Travel Cardholder Agreement and email to
  3. Complete the Travel Card Quiz. Upon completion, you will receive a link to apply for your card. Remember, there are two different TCards to apply for.

Your supervisor will be required to approve your application before it can be reviewed by Travel & Reimbursement Services. Please make sure to enter your supervisor’s email address in format (

Once approved, your application will be processed by the Travel office. It may take up to 10 business days for your TCard to arrive and be available for pickup. You’ll be notified via email when your travel card is ready. All cards must be picked up in person with a valid ID at the Student Services Building pickup window.

All travel cardholders will be required to uphold the travel cardholder agreement and use their TCard in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Travel Card program. You must be a Concur user to obtain a TCard.

Travel Card Basics Guide

If you leave your department, you must cancel your TCard.



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