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Schedule of Allowable Rates

Airfare Cost Guidelines

  • International trips funded by federal contracts and grants must comply with the Fly America Act.
  • Christopherson Business Travel may be able to book published first or business class fares at negotiated discounts.
First or Business Class Travel Guidelines

Airline Fees/Rules Guidelines

The Travel office always strives to keep its information current. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the airline industry changes fees without notice to their customers. Christopherson Business Travel is our best resource to help us make appropriate business decisions based upon current conditions as we book travel. Some frequent travelers will be exempt from some of the fees listed here, but please consult with Christopherson Business Travel. Often, using the state-contracted fares are the best way to avoid some fees. It’s important that travelers and travel planners be aware of what fees will be reimbursed to the traveler as an allowable business expense.

Baggage Fees (varies by airline and paid by personal credit card at check-in)

Exchange Fees

Churning (Holding Air Reservations)

If booking non-refundable tickets, you must provide the travel number and chartfields once the first hold is released if your traveler wants to book that itinerary. If we are asked to hold the reservation for a second time, and the airline assesses a penalty, your department will be charged for the penalty. Our booking system does not hold reliable information to monitor these instances. State-contracted fares are not subject to these rules, so if your traveler is unsure of exact times or dates or may not be in the office in the next 24 hours to accept the itinerary, you may want to request state rates. Consult with Christopherson Business Travel for help.

Seat Preference Fees

Unused Ticket Credits (MCOS) Not Accepted by All Airlines (Rules Vary by Airline)

Private Automobile Mileage

Travelers may, when most appropriate and cost effective, be reimbursed for personal auto mileage.

Upon approval of their department, travelers may be reimbursed for mileage expenses that exceed the expense of their normal commute.

Travelers will be reimbursed according to the following rates from the United States General Services Administration.

Refer to examples below
36 cents per mile
  • Effective for travel beginning January 1, 2024: 67 cents per mile
  • Effective for travel beginning January 1, 2024 : 67 cents per mile

Fleet Vehicle Usage

State agencies, including the University of Utah and the Board of Regents, should support the investment of the state fleet when its use is the most cost-effective option. We have outlined some examples to guide departments in employing this guideline. The Travel office may determine that lower rate is most appropriate for reimbursement.

Partial Day Per Diem

Per Diem Rates (Overnight Stay Required)

We require brochures or registration summaries for trips where the purpose is a publicized meeting. We encourage departments to deduct the value of meals provided by the conference or meeting based upon the federal M&IE breakdown table. Recommended values are provided for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and incidentals.

Domestic M&IE Breakdown | Foreign M&IE Breakdown 

Extended Single-day Per Diem

Extended day meal (actual cost, with receipt, of one meal only): $15.00 maximum for extended days over 10 hours in length, where greater than 100 miles was traveled each way.

Non-Conventional Lodging

Camping or staying with friends/family while on university business: $20.00/day.

Airport Parking

Length of Trip: 0-24 hours
Maximum Parking Charge: $35.00/day, one day max
Length of Trip: Over 24 hours
Maximum Parking Charge: $12.00/day

The additional short-term parking fee (i.e., more than one day) may not be charged to state-appropriated funds or grant and contract funds. The Travel team will update allowable parking reimbursement amounts as costs change. For more information, refer to parking information at the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Self Insurance Rate

Charged to department when traveler rents a car and state contracts are not utilized: $3.00/day.

Personal phone calls

$5.00/day max.