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Request and Expense Delegation

If you would like to delegate your signature authority for all travel reimbursements (or travel-related expenses) within the UTravel Concur system for Level 1, Level 2, Budget Approval and Supervisor, please follow the instructions below.

  • Go to your profile settings
  • Click “Expense Delegates”
  • Click “Add” to search for a delegate and click on their name
  • Select “Can Approve” and “Receives Approval Emails”
    • You can make the “Expense Delegate” temporary if needed

Once saved, this person is now able to act on your behalf to approve.

Note: A person is not able to submit and approve an expense report, so we recommend keeping those duties separate.

Supervisor Delegation

The following form needs to be completed with uNIDs and supervisor signature. Please complete, print, sign, and email the completed form to if you would like to delegate your supervisor responsibilities to approve cash advances and expense reports within the Concur system to one or more individuals.

Note: Must include both the memo and Excel files in order for changes to be made.

Change supervisor for multiple users within UTravel Concur | Excel file for delegations